Bicycle touring in Norway - an ebook guide

My name is Lars. I am a Norwegian guy with a passion for bicycle touring. Since 2003 I have travelled on numerous trips in all parts of Norway, summing up to about 180 days on the road with a total distance of about 10 000 kilometers.

Since 2011 I have been blogging about my trips, equipment and advice on bicycle touring. Though the blog is in Norwegian I have registered quite an increase in foreign visitors the last years. There is also a steady stream of requests from abroad in my inbox with all kinds of questions regarding bicycle touring in Norway. So I thought it was time to cater for you guys as well.

Autumn 2018: Currently I am working on a ebook guide. It will cover most aspects of what it is like to do a bicycle trip in Norway, for example when and where to go, camping, food and water, traffic conditions, including tunnels and ferries, what kind of equipment you need, topography and weather conditions.

Estimated launch time: Winter/spring 2019.

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